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Welcome to our KCA prayer guide for this Lent season.

For hundreds of years, Christians everywhere have observed the Lent tradition. It’s an invitation to focus and reflect on the life of Jesus and what it means to us.

This year as an Eldership team, we felt a stirring to invite the church to pray in unison, and this booklet has been produced as a tool to facilitate just that. Over these pages, you will find 40 days of Bible notes and prayer guidance covering many aspects of the Kingdom of God that are foundational for shaping the church we are looking to become. These themes are intended to lead and guide us in deepening our personal experience of God, and in seeking the advance of his kingdom, both in our own hearts and in our world; they will provide fuel for your prayers, and you can know that the whole church is praying for the same things at the same time!

Each Wednesday, we would also ask that you might consider joining us in fasting (it’s not as scary as it sounds!), and you’ll find some guidance at the back of the booklet to help you think about this.

I am looking forward to these 40 days of prayer with genuine expectation at the potential for God to use this precious time as we seek His face together. I believe this will be a significant time for us as a church. This season of prayer and fasting comes at an important time of change and growth here at KCA, and we want to put all of this into God’s hands and to seek his empowering presence so that we may fulfill his calling among us.

Let’s come together over these 40 days to meet with God, to seek his direction, and to enjoy fellowship with him. We have a great God who transforms lives – our own lives, and those of the people in our local communities. Let’s pray for God’s Kingdom to come in Amersham and the surrounding area – ‘your kingdom come, your will be done’; and may God bless us all during this time.

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