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When death steals the lives of our loved ones it leaves us at the start of a journey with neither a map nor a sat nav to guide us. It is a long and lonely journey and while family and friends may be a great support and comfort to us it is often helpful and
easier to share our thoughts and feelings with people outside that circle.

A member of our BereavementsMatter Team will listen as you tell your story
- available throughout the year.


What People Say...

“This opportunity was very helpful - to be heard leads to healing; to know that your
story is not yet over and that your loved one’s story continues within your own.”

For daily encouragement on bereavement follow:

BereavementsMatter @JudithSuggett on 'X' (Formerly Twitter)

and at @BereavementsMatter on Instagram.


For more information contact Judith & Neil Suggett at
Phone 01494 431882

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