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“It dawns on you quite suddenly that life is never, ever going to be the same again – that the whole world has changed in a moment”.

Justin Welby (Archbishop of Canterbury)


Most people expect to be very sad when someone close to them dies.

What they often do not expect is the severity of their emotions, the

unpredictability of their emotions and the length of the Grief Journey ahead of them. Sometimes it is easier to talk about your feelings to someone outside your friends and family. At King’s Church we offer the following support:

Willing to Listen

Someone will listen to you as you talk about your loss and it’s impact on your life.


My Grief Journey

A six week programme designed for anyone who has lost someone close to them through death, whether recently or many years ago, and is struggling with the impact of this loss. Programme led by Neil & Judith Suggett.

CafeConnections | Thursdays 2pm - 3pm

This is an opportunity for people to connect with others who have been bereaved and chat informally over tea/coffee and cake. No sign up required.

Pleach check our diary for the next CafeConnections dates via

Hearts of Love Service

Every Year we are hold a service of thanksgiving for the lives of our loved ones who have

died. This is usually at 3pm on the first Saturday in November

Please click below for our church diary containing all upcoming events and dates.

For more information please email

and for daily encouragement visit 'BereavementsMatter' on Twitter @JudithSuggett

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