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Join us for a faith-filled apprenticeship year at KCA.

Serving alongside the staff team you'll have the amazing opportunity

to grow in your gifts and gain invaluable ministry experience.

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Sept '24- Jun '25

Time Commitment - Part-time

(2.5 Days/week - Serving)

(0.5 Days/week - Learning)


18-25 yrs.

Committed Christian, looking to serve, learn and grow in faith.

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How Does It Work?

01 Ministry Streams

On application you will be able to specify one (or more) ministry streams that you may be interested in serving in. Once agreed, this will provide the main focus of your apprenticeship and there will be an expectation that the majority of your time will be spent serving in this stream.Committed Christian, looking to serve, learn and grow in faith.

02 Discipleship

One of the key aims of this year is that you are discipled to be more like Christ. To help with this we will encourage you to be part of a midweek small group, we will set you up with a mentor and ensure you get time in services on Sunday mornings.

03 KCA Life

As part of the team at KCA we would expect you to help in the running and mission of the entire church as we are all ultimately serving one purpose. This may require you to help with jobs and other ministries at times providing you with a wider understanding and experience of church ministry.

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You will be expected to work for two full 8hr days each week.

Half a day will be set aside for training/learning.


Each month you'll be expected to serve in 5 in every 8 services.

While invaluable to our teams we'd expect you to still attend

services if you weren't serving.

Trips & Events

Over the course of the year there will be specific events and trips

that we would expect you to help with. These dates will be given to you at the beginning of the year so that you can ensure your availability.

Ministry Streams


An opportunity to be invested in by our team, develop practical skills for leading worship, discovering what worship ministry looks like in the context of a local church.

Media & Tech

A chance to gain hands-on experience in the area of tech & media, assisting and learning about live sound, lighting, graphic design and video production as part of the team.


As part of the team you'll play a crucial role in serving both the church and building hires. Your responsibilities will span from bookings to events, ensuring the smooth functioning and upkeep of the facility. Expect each day to bring new and diverse tasks behind the scenes at KCA.


Join us for a wonderful time of learning and fun in our Children's Ministry!

Our team is dedicated to nurturing young hearts and leading them in finding faith in Jesus .


Working with the children between 11-18 you will be given opportunity to serve and lead in groups and to walk alongside young people as they grow through these formative years working out faith for themselves.

Expectations & Responsibilities 

The KCA Apprenticeship year is a voluntary position at KCA serving alongside the staff in their ministry. Those that are successful on application are expected to fulfil the agreed time frame, hours and training. 


We can only accept those that are committed Christians and that have a desire to learn, serve and grow.

We expect those applying will be able to balance and be responsible for their own finances.

We expect those on the course to attend all training sessions and courses that are part of the apprenticeship year.

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Cost, Courses, Expenses


The apprenticeship is funded by KCA and in so all expenses, event tickets and courses are covered. We believe in investing in God's Kingdom and by placing this investment in you we hope it will bear fruit for the Kingdom far into your future walk with Jesus.


Sept - Dec

You will have inhouse training with people from who have particular relevant experience.


Jan - June

You will be enrolled on the One Life Certificate.

(Graduation in July)



You will receive expenses for your lunch and travel each working day. All course fees and expenses will be covered. Any costs of ministry will also be reimbursed.


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KCA is committed to upholding high safeguarding standards and as

such will require any applicant to complete an enhanced DBS and our inhouse safeguarding training.

We also expect that each person serving at KCA will have good self awareness in how they conduct themselves. We would expect each candidate to uphold the safeguarding values and policies held here at KCA.


Additional Information

  • The apprenticeship year will run for 10 months between Sept - Jun

  • Your role at KCA will be as a volunteer and not an employee. This means your role and relationship with the church is one of mutual trust.

  • You are expected to support yourself through part-time employment.

  • Your employment outside of the apprenticeship is your responsibility to find.

  • You will have 10 days a year to take as holiday, plus a week of leave between Christmas and Jan 1st.

  • While on the apprenticeship you will be expected to be attend KCA and be involved in the life of the church.

  • Accommodation is not provided but if you are moving to the area we may assist you in finding suitable living quarters.

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Click here to start your application form.



You may then be invited to an interview. Likely in person (possibly online).



If successful, we will then discuss the ministry stream options and which would be the best fit for you.


The last day to submit an application for the Apprenticeship Year will be February 29th 2024.


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