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In a culture that can be lonely, rushed and hectic, we want you to experience a way of life that is rooted in healthy, life-giving rhythms.  A life of community, celebration, freedom and generosity.  Over the next ten weeks, we will introduce this way of life. 


Each week, you’ll spend time in personal reflection, before meeting with your small group to chat about what you’ve read and learned.  You’ll be invited to take part in larger experiences where you pray, share and serve together.  


And through it all, we believe that the God who hand-made you will speak to you about who He is, and the purpose He has for your life.  Are you ready?

Below you will find links to the devotionals for each week of the course, please click below to find video and audio for each day.

Click on the Chapter One topic below to access the 5 devotionals for each week.

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