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We are open Monday - Friday

9am - 2.30pm

(Outside seating and takeaway only until 17th May)

Our aim is to serve the local community in a warm and welcoming environment, serving a full range of beverages and a small selection of freshly made food items at competitive prices.

Bring your friends along to enjoy a lovely cup of Colombian coffee, homemade cakes (£1.25 a slice) and traybakes (80p each or 2 for £1.50). Light lunches – eg paninis, toasted sandwiches and home made soup (£2.50 each) – and snacks are served Monday to Friday.

Our beverages are available to either drink-in or take-away with coffees (from £1.55 to £2.30), Babyccino (25p), a choice of regular and speciality teas (from £1.55 to £2.30), hot chocolate (£2.30), milkshakes (£2.30) and a variety of soft drinks (from 50p to £1.50).


Our Coffee


Our coffee is sourced from a specific farmer and a single point of origin in Columbia – Millar Marin, Marinourel Penol coffee supplier – and bought on Fairtrade principles.

Coffee has been produced on Millars farm (La Rivera farm at El Penol in Antioqia) for generations using traditional methods. We pay agreed “Share Trade” prices to enable sustainable farming, which in-turn means a sustainable life for the farmer. Our aim is to develop long term realtionships with coffee farmers so that they can plan for a better future..

Columbian supremo coffee is the highest grade coffee , and the El Penol blend is unique to King’s Roast. All our filter coffee is brewed with it and it is smooth bodied with the fruitiness of ripe apricots balanced with rich chocolate praline