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Welcome to Old Testament 3 - The Minor Prophets. Below are links to the different teaching materials for the sessions but before you click ahead please read the explanation below so you can get the best out of the resources provided.

Firstly, we want to acknowledge that teaching the minor prophets will be a more burdensome task as these Bible passage are often less familiar and don't have such child friendly content. However, we also believe that these stories and books contain God's inspired word (even for Children). Therefore, we want to do our best to bring the best we can to children at KCA.

In each session to bring these books alive it'll be very important to tell the story of what's going on when this book was written. We suggest each week describing it like listening to one side of a phone call, without the other part of the conversation it's almost impossible to understand what's going on. So telling the story to the children is crucial in them understanding the whole conversation. In the curriculum sheets and on these pages there will be lots of bits of context listed to get you started and more familiar with the books, but watching the Bible Project stories will be key in helping you get the best out of these books for the children.


Once you've got the story sorted the next part is drawing out the key teaching points on the theme. We believe the best way to do this is to focus on the story and use bible verses to draw out the timeless biblical truth.


E.g. Hosea is 14 chapters long and there is no way you could use the whole book. However, once the kids understand the whole story you can draw out the facts that God will save them and turn specifically to Chapter 14 to see this the theme for Hosea (salvation) being worked out.

We have our usual Curriculum Sheets for an overview, but below have also included a few resources for each age group to help in planning your sessions. Please as always feel free to use as much or as little as you like. Also please feel free to cross refence other stories that speak into the theme.

We would expect that in each session the children would come away with having learnt about:

  1. The general story behind the book.

  2. A verse from the book that relates to either the story and/or theme. 

  3. The key teaching points from the curriculum.

  4. Opportunity to pray.

If you have any doubts about anything in this curriculum or are struggling with the delivery of this material, please reach out to Abi, Fizzy or Adrian and we will be here to help.

In my research and time prepping this material I personally have been blown away once more by a God who loves His people and is kind, just, caring & merciful. My hope is that not only as we teach this to the children will they be inspired, but us as a team will be deeply blessed as we delve deeper into his word.

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