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Furniture Project Items and Guidelines

For offers to donate; please send photos, confirmation that soft furnishings have a fire certificate

(it will be attached to the item) and contact details to

We are happy to accept:

  • 2-seater sofas

  • 3-seater sofas which are less than 1.9m wide

  • Standard size armchairs

  • Small dining tables (folding preferred), coffee tables or side tables

  • Dining chairs

  • Small bookcases and cabinets

  • TV stand/cabinets

  • Bedside cabinets/drawers

  • Chests of drawers

  • Single and double beds, including good mattresses. NEW bed linen


Thanks, but we are not able to accept

  • Large 3-seater sofas

  • Large armchairs

  • Large dining tables

  • Queen-sized or king-sized beds

  • Wardrobes

  • Electrical items

  • Second-hand bed linen

  • Large bookcases and cabinets

  • Baby items




Ian Lamb

Community Care Services Leader

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