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The Good Samaritan


Luke 6:27-28


Jews and Samaritans hated each other, and this was not a flippant hatred but one based in history. The Samaritan kingdom effectively was the northern part of Israel which had been conquered by the Assyrians and had brought in pagan Gods. The Jews from the southern kingdom returned from Babylon to restore the old Jerusalem and Israel. Historically, politically, ideologically and religiously these two peoples hated each other. Jesus in his great wisdom used this deep rooted hatred to show how we should care, love and have compassion for our enemies.

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1. God loves everyone.

2. We should also love everyone.


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1. We should love everyone, even those that are mean to us.

2. God loves everyone and wants us to care for everyone.


1. God loves every person, even those we consider bad.

2. We should love and try to care for our enemies.


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For the age of the children in Mini's the story will need to be adapted slightly. A key part of the story is the robbery of the Samaritan man so this will need to be included but without too much detail. You could reassure the children that this is an unusual occurrence/not something to worry about. An appropriate video has been included.

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For the age of the children in Kids Church you won’t need to adapt the story to make it appropriate to the listeners. Asses the age of your group and how much detail you should include about the Samaritan man being beaten up.


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