We are closely monitoring the current guidance from the government and Public Health England, as well as securing other expert advice.

As a result, we are taking appropriate steps to ensure we keep our congregations, staff team, and other attendees as safe as possible. We are also developing further plans should the situation change.



We are meeting both "in-person" and online each Sunday.

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(Updated on 20th July 2021)

As you will be aware, almost all Covid restrictions have now been lifted, with effect from 19th July. In many ways this is wonderful news and a day many have been eagerly awaiting – who among us has not been looking forward to the time when we can worship again by singing at full voice!

However, it also brings challenges – no longer are there government rules/law deciding for us what we can or cannot do safely, so it is now for individual churches to make informed choices as to how they operate, and with infection rates now high and currently rising, it is clear that there remains a realistic level of risk to many. 


With that in mind, over the past few days we have taken some time as a leadership team to consider how we might use these new freedoms responsibly. There is clearly a balance to be struck between what we are allowed to do, and what we think it is wise and loving to do, and in conclusion, we believe that at least for a little while longer, a certain amount of caution is necessary.

So, what has changed? Well, as simply as possible, the below provides a breakdown.

What has changed :  

  • Singing is now allowed. 

All restrictions on singing within services are now removed. 

  • No temperature checks 

We will not be conducting temperature checks as people arrive at church. 

  • Seating will not be pre-allocated 


We will no longer be preparing a seating plan prior to the service; our welcome team will allocate seating on arrival and enable social distancing as required.  

What is still in place :

  • Registering for Sundays 

We will still require people to book online when attending (or, failing that, to register on arrival), via "church-suite" or the KCA website. This is both to help us manage capacity/space as we move forward and to provide us with records if any Covid outbreak should occur. All data that is captured is held in compliance with GDPR requirements and our data management policies. 

  • Face masks are requested on a Sunday morning. 

We ask that everyone attending our main service continue to wear facemasks (or visors) for the duration of the service for the time being. While we appreciate that this is not necessarily your preference, we would ask that you continue to accept this restriction for the sake of the more vulnerable amongst us. 

  • Social distancing – "encouraged." 

Again, although not now required by law, we are asking that people will still respect the wishes of others and continue to provide the 1m social distancing space as before. We would also encourage that fellowship/conversation should be conducted outside of the auditorium once the service has finished. 

  • Children 

The Children's work will continue to operate as it has done over the last few months unless the service is designated as "all age". Then the children attending will be required to remain with their families during the service. 

If you are a parent, you will receive specific details from the team shortly detailing our August children's work program. 

  • Prayer ministry 

Prayer ministry will continue to operate according to its normal safeguarding guidelines. 

But in addition: 

    • Prayer ministry will be conducted at a distance of 1m with no physical contact. 

    • The prayer ministry team will continue to wear face masks whilst conducting ministry. 

    • Prayer ministry team members will undertake lateral flow tests before the service begins. 


Over the next four weeks, we will review these protocols and keep you informed of any changes as we learn and adapt. As we emerge from this pandemic, we'd ask for your patience as we take our time to adjust our practices as we feel appropriate. 

Of course, different churches will take different steps, and, again, we would ask for your understanding as we wrestle through the implications and perhaps come to different conclusions from others. 


We do have real reason to rejoice, because at last we can now worship together more freely, and we thank God for the obvious success of the vaccination programme thus far, which has made such a difference in bringing us to this point.  But equally clearly, we are not 'there' yet, and so, disappointing as it may be to some, I would ask that as an act of love, honour, and respect to all those around us, each of us would continue to observe this guidance, for a little while longer, as graciously as possible. This we believe is just one part of what it means to 'love one another' in the New Testament way that Jesus and the writers of the epistles would recognise and commend.


Foodbank is running from Chesham between Tuesdays & Fridays.

Please call 01494 785660 for further information.


Make lunch continues to run but looks somewhat different please contact the church office for more details.  


The main way we look to care for one another is through our group network. However, should you require additional support please email: and we will do our best to help you.


As things develop, we want to be good news to the communities around us, we are prayerfully looking for opportunities to serve neighbours in as many ways as possible.


As always, the Psalms offer timeless wisdom in troubled times. 


Psalms 46:1-5
God Is Our Fortress
God is our refuge and strength,
a very present help in trouble.
Therefore we will not fear though the earth gives way,
though the mountains be moved into the heart of the sea,
though its waters roar and foam,
though the mountains tremble at its swelling. Selah
There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God,
the holy habitation of the Most High.
God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved;
God will help her when morning dawns.

Let’s be praying together for this to be our reality and confidence as we face these upcoming months​

Resources for navigating Covid page


Covid has brought with it many challenges for all of us in different ways. But as well as having to cope with the practical fallout and the social isolation, for some of us there may be deeper questions that Covid has raised.


If God is good and if he is in total control, then why has he allowed Covid? And now that it’s here, then if he cares for us, why doesn’t he stop it? Or did God send Covid, and if so, why? What is his agenda?


And whatever the answers to those questions are . . . what is he doing in these unprecedented days? – if indeed they really ARE unprecedented!


You can find many different ideas online and elsewhere, ranging from the wise and helpful to the weird and wacky! We have put together below some links to a few resources that we think are balanced and godly, and that we hope you might find helpful if you are troubled, or simply interested, by questions such as these.


May God reveal his heart more as you seek him further – God bless you.

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